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Green Beans

Green Beans
Green Beans
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Health Benefits of Beans Many legumes, especially soya beans, are demonstrating impressive health benefits. Diets rich in beans are being used to:
* lower cholesterol levels
* improve diabetics' blood glucose control
* reduce risk of many cancers
* lower blood pressure
* regulate functions of the colon
* prevent and cure constipation
* prevent piles and other bowel problems
Also richly coloured dried beans offer a high degree of antioxidant protection. In fact, small red kidney beans rate even higher than blueberries.
A lesser-known benefit of beans, though, is their high levels of isoflavones, compounds that are similar in structure to oestrogen produced by your body (which is why they are also called phytoestrogens).
These isoflavones may ease the symptoms of menopause, prevent some form of cancer, reduce your risk of heart disease and improve your bone and prostate health, among other benefits. Beans,


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